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Brandoflex Limited manufactures a large variety of engineered polyurethane parts for all type of industrial applications. Over 6000 different parts, weighing 2grams to 40 pounds, make up the company's product profile of seals, bumpers, rolls, gears, sprockets, wheels, bearings, bushings, jigs, machine parts and many specialized simple and complex custom molded parts.

Brandoflex Limited formulates compounds to suit customers' applications in a hardness range from 10 "A" to 95 "A" shore and 50 "D" to 80 "D" shore also.


Brandoflex compounds are formulated to optimize the physical and chemical properties of the polyurethane. These include: excellent mechanical properties, superior strength, wear, loadbearing and tear strength, excellent abrasion resistance, high impact resistance, good resilience and compression set. Excellent electrical properties, low and high coefficient of friction and excellent chemical, oil, grease, solvent and water resistance.

Brandoflex makes engineered polyurethane parts from customer samples, dimensional sketches, detailed drawings or customer's individual requirements.

Brandoflex designs and manufactures the tooling required to make a precision, engineered part for the customer, ranging from prototype, small volume and large volume production.